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04 August 2013 @ 04:55 pm
Feeling a little dog-in-the-manger-y!  
At the moment, I'm veering towards not watching this evening's Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor.

Why? Because I've got to say, as much as I love Doctor Who, the hype has been somewhat infuriating.

As much as all the fans I know are excited (and a little apprehensive) and glad of the chance to speculate, the main thrust of frenzy has been from the media, most of whom don't give a damn on a personal level. It's a cynical exercise in manipulation. They just want in on the story, and they want in on the guaranteed level of interest from the fans who do have a stake in the decision. And the Beeb of course, is only too pleased to feed the frenzy; I don't resent that, it's their job to promote the show and get, and keep people interested in it.

Part of the problem is, I have a deep-seated distrust of anything that's pushed at me too much. The more someone tries to sell me something, the more likely I am to back away and go somewhere else. I don't want that to happen with Doctor Who!

Also, it saddens me from a story level. I like spoilers, or at least, I like non-essential spoilers. I liked knowing what Gwen's new dresses would look like, or that Sherlock actors had been spotted filming in particular locations, or that Martin's family would be in a Cabin Pressure episode. The sort of thing that is interesting but left sufficiently abstract that it opens up speculation, rather than locking it down!

Big things though? Game-changing information? That, I'm not so fond of, and from a story-driven point of view, finding out too much about the next Doctor before the old one is gone, IS spoilery. I keep wishing they'd just let us find out at the point of regeneration. I know, I know, it's probably not practical - the longer they leave it a secret, the more chance someone in the media will find out and decide to use it as a big scoop.

Plus - and this is a big factor for me - I can't help feeling toe-curlingly embarrassed by the show concept. On behalf of the new Doctor, I can't imagine anything worse than being unveiled and having a whole load of people lined up to give you advice (ON LIVE TV!!!) on how to play the role...
merely a traveller in time and spacetau_sigma on August 4th, 2013 10:16 pm (UTC)
Did you watch it, in the end? I did; I do think it's a bloody weird idea for how to announce it though - it was sort of nice to see a couple of the interviews, but Zoe Ball was just irritating and stupid, and it was only about the last five minutes which had Doctor 12, which meant 25 minutes of her going 'not long now!'

(For me, the announcement of the new actor isn't exactly spoilery - the announcement that there will be a regeneration, and that Matt Smith will be leaving, is the big spoiler, but it's also so big that it's pretty impossible to keep it secret.)
helva2260: brigadierhelva2260 on August 4th, 2013 10:53 pm (UTC)
:) I recorded it, watched something else, and when I knew it was over, Mum and I googled "new dr who". That way I can watch it tomorrow and fast forward through anything too cringe-making! Much though I like him as an actor, I'm kind of glad to hear that he's only in the last few minutes - I had visions of some sort of game-show styling or reverse This Is Your Life!

Yeah, I suppose the announcement itself isn't as spoilery as the initial announcement that Matt Smith was leaving. I just, I don't really know how to quantify what bugs me about the concept of the reveal show. I think I was worried that the advertised interviews would include one with the new Doctor, trying to get him to talk about the way he's going to play it. 'Cause I like discovering that as he goes along.